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What Students Say...


Kristen Kee

Very passionate teacher who loves what she does :) Sincere and patient, she makes her lessons very fun and engaging :P

Joanne Ho

Teacher Jie Ying has been teaching me for about 5 years up till now. She was the first teacher that taught me how music could be so different and made me feel motivated. She is an unique and irreplaceable educator and I highly recommend her.



Jie Ying is my son’s “goto” piano accompanist. She is diligent, friendly and yet professional. They have worked together since 2014 and even travelled together overseas for his performance.

Marble Surface

Veron Huang

Teacher Jie Ying is a dedicated teacher. Always making an effort to encourage her students to do their best. She is also accommodating and flexible with the time.


Steph Lau

As an adult learner, I had no previous music experience and Jie Ying successfully taught me how to play my favourite classical piece (Chopin - Nocturne 20) within a year. She is an accomplished pianist, and really knows her stuff. She was very kind and patient with me despite my slow learning, and gives great constructive advice on how to improve on my piano playing. Her rates are very good too. Thank you Jie Ying! 10/10 would recommend to friends.

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