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Do you wonder if it is ok for you to learn the piano even as an adult?

The answer is Yes Of Course. Why not? It is never too late to learn an instrument. In fact there are many benefits for learning the piano.

Benefits For Adults Learning The Piano

  1. Improves your math and counting skills

  2. Prevents brain processing hearing and memory loss

  3. Trains your perseverance, discipline, concentration and patience

  4. Practises time management skills

  5. Increase creativity

  6. A form of relaxation and distraction

Adult lessons are more flexible, and are customised to what you would like to learn.


Ms Jie Ying can teach you :

  • Your favourite classical or pop song if you have in particular

  • Your lost piano skills years ago and bring them back again

  • As an adult beginner, learn good foundation and technique


You will also have the opportunity to perform in front of others as Ms Jie Ying organises recitals and performances. It can be a very rewarding experience for you.


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