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Hi, I’m Ms Liew Jie Ying, I have been teaching the piano since 2008.

My music journey started when I was 5 years old. My Dad is a Professional Artist himself, he taught me piano at the beginning and disciplined me strictly in my practice. I hated practice (just like most of us do), but my Dad always told me to persevere, and one day I will understand the meaning behind all his efforts. True enough, now that I’m a Piano Teacher myself, I can see how precious this skill is as it will follow me for the rest of my life. During my journey in teaching, I have met many students, ranging from 3 years to even up to 70 years old. The joy of seeing them eagerly wanting to show you what they have practised, being able to play a song from nothing, and simply just seeing them improve makes me contented and motivated as a Music Teacher! :)

Besides teaching, I do accompaniments regularly as well. I have rich experiences with accompaniment for other instrumentalists or vocalists for ABRSM/Trinity Exams, Music Elective Programme Exams, Auditions, Concerts and Competitions etc. Some of which includes NAFA or YST Auditions, MEP (Music Elective Programme) Exams, the Prestigious Singapore Piano and Violin Competition which is held every 2 years. I have also worked with a variety of Choirs which includes MOE School Choirs of SYF, Church Choirs, Community Choir, Chinese School Alumni Choir.

I like to do accompaniments alongside with teaching as it keeps my fingers moving, improve my sight reading , and explore new repertoire. These keeps me refreshed and motivated!

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